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    The La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly (LaNMMA) was established by Legislative Instrument (L.I.) 2030 and inaugurated in June 2012. Its capital is located at Madina, a rapidly growing urban area. The Assembly has 9 Electoral Areas namely, Adenta West, Danfa, La Nkwantanang, Madina West, North Legon, Oyarifa, Pantang, Social Welfare, and Tataana. There are Two Zonal Councils; Madina Zonal Council and Oyarifa Zonal Council.

    La Nkwantanang-Madina Municipality is an economically active area with a vibrant economy. The local economy is structured into three key sectors; the agricultural, commerce/service and industrial sectors.

    The major agricultural activities are crop and livestock production. These include: maize, cow pea and cassava pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, okra and garden eggs and other vegetables. Livestock and poultry farmers are spread throughout the municipality with concentration at Teiman, Ayimensa, Pantang, Oyarifa. They produce live chicken, dressed chicken and eggs. In terms of livestock, there are a significant number of cattleā€™s herds and farms in the Municipality especially Amrahia. There are feed processing factories that produces poultry and pig feed located at Oyarifa, and Amrahia.

    The service sector covers areas such as banking, hospitality, personal care and beauty, telecommunications, graphic design, food services professional services among others. This sector employs large numbers of skilled people and is one of the rapidly growing sectors of the Municipal economy. Most of the National Banks are located in Madina to take advantage of the vibrant economic environment in addition to the numerous Rural Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions as well as numerous Microfinance firms. There are many hotels, restaurants, food courts in the municipality that cater for the growing number of visitors to the Municipality on business and other motives. Telecom companies have agencies and service centers across the municipality in addition to internet services providers as well as internet cafes. Trading is the main economic activity in the municipality with the Madina market as the main one. As one of the biggest markets in Accra, the Madina market has become a busy centre of commercial activity, attracting patrons and traders from all over the region and beyond. 

    The Industrial sector is dominated by light manufacturing, food processing, packaging and fabrication. The Municipality has experienced a major building and construction boom over the last few years. The boost in that sector has led to increase in businesses such as block factories stone quarrying, sale of building materials in addition to masonry, carpentry, tiling and many other associated skilled jobs in the industry .Real Estates developers have invested heavily in the Municipality over the past few years, building housing units in places such as Pantang, and Danfa, Adoteiman Teiman



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