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The Nzema East Municipal Assembly, with Axim as its capital, is one of the Twenty-Two (22) administrative authorities in the Western Region. The Nzema East Municipal Assembly was established by L I 1917 on 25th January 2008. It was formerly known as Nzema East District Assembly until it was split into two districts namely Nzema East Municipal Assembly and Ellembelle District Assembly. The Nzema East Municipal Assembly covers a total land area of 2,194 sq km. which forms about 9.8% of the total land area of the Western Region. There are about 120 communities, the major ones being Axim, Nsein, GwiraBanso and Bamiankor. The Municipality has one Constituency namely the Evalue-Gwira Ajomoro.

Assembly Members (38)

  • Males (33)
  • Females (5)

The population of the municipal stood at 60,828 in 2010 population and housing census, constituting 2.6 percent of the Western Region’s population. The Municipality has a slightly female dominant population. 29,947,for males and 30,881 for females. That is, 50.8 percent for females and 49.2 percent for males. The Municipality’s sex ratio is 97 males to 100 females. The relationship between population aged 0-14 years and 65 years and above and population aged between 15-64 years constitutes Age Dependency, measured per 100 populations. The dependency ratio for Nzema East Municipality is 81.2 people.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the Municipality in terms of
employment and income generation, with about 65 percent of the economically active population engaged in agriculture (including fishing) and agro-processing, which constitutes the main source of house hold income in the municipal.

D.C.E - Hon. Frank Okpenyen

                      source:www.mofep.gov.gh/publications/composite-budget-2016 and other sources 

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