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The Jomoro District Assembly was established in 1988 by a Legislative Instrument (LI) 1394.The District Assembly is made up of 51 members comprising 34 elected Assembly Members, 15 Government Appointees. One (1) District Chief Executive (DCE) and 1 Member of Parliament.Jomoro District Assembly has 10 Area Councils, namely, Half Assini Area council, Gwenye Area Council, Takinta Area Council, New Town Area Council, Bonyere Area Council,Mpataba Area Council, Beyin Area Council, Tikobo No.1 Area Council, Tikobo No.2 Area Council, and Elubo Area Council.

Assembly Members (51)
  • Males (48)
  • Females (3)

The District has a population of 150,107 with a density of 83 persons per km sq and annual growth rate of 3.1% (according to 2010 population and housing census). The total number of settlement is 931 and the district capital is Half Assini. Population in the District has increased over the years from 37,685 in 1970, 111,348 in 2000 and 150,107 in 2010. The phenomenal growth in population over the past 40 years was as a result of increase in the birth rate and a decrease in mortality rate over the period. The District has young dependant age group (1-14 years) of 41.3%. The high proportion of children in this age group implies the need for the District Assembly to provide educational facilities and other social amenities needed by children in their development to adulthood.

Jomoro District Assembly Agriculture is the backbone of the District. It employs between 65%-70% of the total labor force. The production of plantation and food crops such as coconut, oil palm, cocoa, cassava, plantain, maize, rice, livestock (pigs, small ruminants, cattle, poultry, fishing , both marine and fresh water coupled with processed agro-products contribute significantly to the district economy.

D.C.E - Hon. Eric Muah

                       source:www.mofep.gov.gh/publications/composite-budget-2015 and other sources

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