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District PROFILE
The district name is Adaklu District Assembly with its capital at Adaklu-Waya. Adaklu District is one of the twenty five newly created Districts in Ghana and one of the seven newly created Districts in the Volta region. It was carved out of the former Adaklu-Anyigbe District, now Agotime-Ziope District and established under the Local Government Act (Act 462) 1993.The District was inaugurated on 28th June 2012 by Legislative Instrument (LI) 2085.The political head of the Assembly is the Chief Executive who represents the President of the Republic of Ghana in the District. However, the District Co-ordinating Director is the Head of the Administration.

The General Assembly is a Twenty Three (23) Member Body consisting of Thirteen (13) Elected Members and eight (8) Government appointees, and One Member of Parliament representing the Adaklu Constituency. The District has 64 communities.The District has two (2) sub-district structures namely; Tsrefe Area Council located at Adaklu-Tsrefe and Waya Area Council located at the District Capital. It lies within Longitude 06°41′1′′N and Latitude 00°20′1′′E / Longitude 6.68361°N and Latitude 0.33361°E. It shares boundaries to the North with Ho Municipal Assembly, to the East with Agotime-Ziope District, to the South with Central Tongu District and to the West with Ho West District. It has a total land area of (Sq. 800.82km2).

Population of any place has implication for development culminating from the diversity and unique needs for the various groups. The total population of the District is currently 40,574 with 19,881 males representing 49.0 percent and 20,693 females representing 51.0 percent. This is based on the population growth rate of 2.2%. This means that there are more females than males in the District.The most densely populated areas are Adaklu-Waya, Adaklu-Ahunda, Helekpe, Abuadi , Adaklu-Anfoe, Torda etc. The average household size in these settlements is 4.8. According to the 2010 population and housing census, 52.3 percent of the population in the District falls within the ages of 15 and 64 making up the labour force. However, because of increasing poverty, children between the ages of 10-14 are highly engaged in active labour. The District Assembly is doing everything possible to get the children within that age group back to school.

Agricultural activities are dormant in the District, employing about 78 percent of the labour force. The Farmers in the District produce maize, cassava, rice, sweet potatoes, cowpea, groundnuts, tomatoes, garden eggs, pepper and okro in large quantities,and transport them to Ho, Mafe, Kumasi and Ziope during market days.Though water can be drawn from the Todze river throughout the seasons for irrigation, farmers solely depend on rain-water for farming. This normally restricts farmers to main season farming and problems of rain failure.

2015 EXPENDITURE - 3208185.22

2016 EXPENDITURE - 5071994.08

D.C.E - Hon. Phanuel Kadey Donkoh

PM - Hon. Fred Kwame Agbogbo


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