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Upper East


The Pusiga District Assembly was established in 2012 by Legislative Instrument (L.I.) 2108 as one of the District Assemblies in the Upper East Region.

The General Assembly is the highest administrative and legislative body in the District with a membership of twenty one (21) comprising fifteen (15) elected members and five (6) appointed members. The Executive Committee has seven (7) members (i.e. a third of the General Assembly) chaired by the District Chief Executive. It has five (5) statutory sub committees.The District is sub-divided into four (5) Area Councils three (3) of which have structures and staff. The staff includes secretaries, treasurers and typists who carry out the administrative functions of the council

Assembly Members (21)
  • Males (19)
  • Females (2)
The Pusiga District Assembly is located approximately between latitudes 110 111 and 100 401N and longitude 00 181 W and 00 61 E in the north-eastern corner of the region. It shares boundaries with Burkina Faso to the north,Republic of Togo to the east,Bawku Municipal Assembly to the west and Garu-Tempane District to the south.Structure of the Assembly.

D.C.E - Hon. Zubeiru Abdulai

              source:www.mofep.gov.gh/publications/composite-budget-2016 and other sources

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