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Upper East


The Nabdam District Assembly was established by Legislative Instrument (L.I) 2105 of 2012 with Nangodi as its capital. The Nabdam District Assembly is bordered to the North, South and East by the Bongo, Telensi and Bawku West Districts respectively, and to the West by the Bolgatanga Municipality. The Nabdam District Assembly occupies a land area of 353 km2.

Assembly Members (19)
  • Males (17)
  • Females (2)
The population of Nabdam District is dominated by the active age cohort of 15 to 64 years. This group constitutes 50.7% of the population. Children of 0-14 years also form a significant proportion of 42.5% of the population. The third age group which comprises people above 64 years constitutes only 6.7% of the population.

The economy of the Nabdam District Assembly can be classified into three main sectors, thus primary, secondary and tertiary. Generally, the primary sector activities are predominantly agricultural in nature. The secondary sector is dominated by small–Scale Industrial Enterprise activities, while the tertiary sector concerns itself with the provision of services. All these sectors contribute towards the Gross Domestic Product and labour employment of the District. However, the existence of weak linkages between the Primary and the other sectors make economic activities sluggish.

D.C.E - Hon. Agnes Anamoo

  source: www.mofep.gov.gh/publications/composite-budget-2016 and other sources

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