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Upper East


The Nabdam District Assembly, with Nangodi as its capital, is one of the thirteen (13) administrative authorities in the Upper East Region. The District was carved out of the Talensi District Assembly in 2012 as a result of the creation of more Districts and raising some Districts to Municipal status. It was established under the Establishment Instrument 2012 and under the Legislative Instrument 2105. The Assembly has membership of twenty-one (21). This is made up of thirteen (13) elected members, Six (6) Government Appointees, the District Chief Executive and the Member of Parliament. In line with the 1992 constitution, the Assembly has the following 3 Area Councils; Nangodi Area Council, Zoliba Area Council, Sakoti Area Council.

The District is endowed with very rich natural resources. Preliminary exploratory work carried out in the District indicates that Nangodi abounds in large quantities of several mineral deposits ranging from Gold, Rutile Jasper Talc, Lime, Feldspars and varied types of wood. The District is blessed with Dams and Dug-outs. These dams serve as sources of drinking water for a wide range of livestock besides being used for dry season vegetable production. Water is also fetched from these facilities for constructional work by contractors and the local people.

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