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Greater Accra


The Ada East District Assembly formally called Dangme East District Assembly was originally established in the year 1989 with Legislative Instrument (L.I. 1491) with Ada Foah, as the District Capital. However, the creation of the Ada West District out of the Assembly in 2012 resulted the Legislative Instrument changed to L.I. 2130. The District Assembly is made up of eleven (11) Decentralized Departments; Thirty - Seven (37) Members of the Assembly and three (3) Area Councils. 

The major activities of the people in the district are fishing and farming. Farming in the district is mainly done under irrigation which involves crops such cassava, maize among others. Vegetables like tomatoes, onions, shallots, garden eggs, pepper, carrots, and okra. Fruits such as water melon also feature predominantly to sustain the livelihood of farmers. Fishing is another major economic activity in the district. Fishing is done in the River Volta and the Gulf of Guinea. Fish farming such as Tilapia rearing is also prominent in the Volta River and in ponds. Shrimp farming in ponds, mining of oysters by inhabitants living along the Volta river bank is also common in the district.  

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