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The Kwahu South District is one of the thirty-two (32) District Assemblies in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It was established in 1988 under L.I 1988, Act 1742 with Mpraeso as its capital.The district shares common boundaries with Kwahu East to the North, Asante-Akim South to the West, Kwahu West Municipality South and Fanteakwa North District to the East.

The Assembly has a total of forty (40) members; made of twenty six (26) elected members, twelve (12) government appointees, one (1) District chief Executive and a member of parliament.  The District Assembly has six (6) Area Councils. 

Assembly Members (38)

Elected (26)

Appointed (12)

The economy of the Kwahu South District is predominantly agrarian, over 44.7% of the population is employed by the sector. Crops such as maize, cassava, onion, cocoyam, yam, tomatoes, rice, chili pepper, okro, cucumber, garden eggs, groundnut and cowpea are grown in the district. Fruits grown are mainly banana, citrus, water melon. Tree/ economic crops grown are cocoa, coffee and oil palm. Livestock reared include poultry (exotic and local), pig, small ruminant (sheep and goats) and large ruminants (cow). Aquaculture development, capture fisheries are done along the Afram River as well as fish processing.

source: https://www.mofep.gov.gh/sites/default/files/composite-budget/2019/ER/Kwahu-South.pdf

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