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Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly (KbMA) is one of the Thirty-Two (32) Local Administrative Authorities in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It was carved out of West Akim District as a District with its Capital as Kade in November 1988 by Legislative Instrument 1425. It is geographically located on the South Western corner of the Eastern Region of Ghana. The Kwaebibirem Assembly was among those, from which new Districts were created in February, 2012. Denkyembour is the name of the new District carved out of from it with Akwatia becoming its Capital. Currently, the Assembly is among the new Districts whose status was elevated to a Municipality. This effectively marks the coming into force the new Legislative Instrument (LI) 2270 in November, 2017. Kade remains the Municipal Capital of Kwaebibirem Municipal Assembly

Like most rural Districts in the country, agriculture serves as the main economic activity of the people. It employs nearly 77% of the labour force in the District. They engage in diverse agriculture ventures such as oil palm, cocoa, citrus, plantain, cocoyam, maize, rice and vegetables as the source of livelihood. However, the rearing of livestock such as sheep, goats and cattle as well as poultry and fish farming is gradually catching up with farmers in the municipality.


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