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The Atwima Nwabiagya District was established in 2004 by Legislative Instrument 1738. The district capital is Nkawie. The district is situated in the  western  part  of  the  Ashanti  region  and  shares common boundaries  with Ahafo  Ano  South and Atwima  Mponua Districts (to  the  West), Offinso Municipal (to the North), Amansie–West and Atwima Kwanwoma Districts (to the South), Kumasi Metropolis and Afigya Kwabre Districts (to the East).

Assembly Members (54)
  • Males (48)
  • Females (6)

Location, Size and Population 
The District covers an estimated area of 294.84 sq km. According to the PHC 2010, the population of the district  stands  at  149,025. With a  projected  figure  of  172,823  people  for  2016  at  an annual growth rate of 2.5. The district  has six (6) Area  Councils and eighty-eight  (88) Unit  Committees. All the  Area  Councils  have  office  accommodation. The Assembly has provided computers  and other office  equipment as well. The  District  Assembly  has also ceded some revenue areas.

 District Economy
The economy of Atwima Nwabiagya District can be analysed under four broad categories namely Agriculture, Industry, trading and services. In  spite of the peri-urban nature  of  the  district, agriculture  remains  the  dominant  sector  and  employs  about  50.76%  of the labour force. This is followed  by the  industrial sector, which employs  about 17.41% of the labour force. Trading (buying and selling) employs 14.43% of the labour force. The service sector comprising of transportation, hairdressing, hospitality and other activities, employs about 17.40% of the labour force. The industrial sector is dominated by small-scale manufacturing activities, which  range from local soap making, tie and dye production as well as gari processing, carpentry, oil palm and palm kernel oil extraction. Medium and large-scale manufacturing industries consist of sawmills, among others..


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